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Section A - Accidental Death, Sickness or Accidental Bodily Injury excluding suicide and self-inflicted injury

Lonpac Insurance Bhd (hereinafter refer to The Company) will pay according to the percentage of sum insured specified in the table in the event of an Accidental Death or Accidental Bodily injury (excluding suicide and self-inflicted injury) of the Insured Person and in the event of a sickness, confined in a hospital for in-patient treatment. As a result, the work permit or in principal approval (IPA) is cancelled by Ministry of Manpower (MOM).


Section B - Repatriation to Country of Origin as a result of the cancellation of the work permit

The company will reimburse the employer the expenses of the SHN including repatriation expenses according to the percentage of sum insured specified in the table in the event the Ministry of Manpower cancel the Insured Person’s work permit excluding:

a) any criminal act for which the Insured Person is found guilty by the Court of Law.

b) the employer breach any rules and regulations under the employment of Foreign Manpower Act


Section C – Redeployment as a result of the cancellation of the work permit

The Employer may have difficulties sending the Insured Person home due to current travel restriction when

her work permit is cancelled as a result of Insured Person unable to fulfil the contract obligation. The employer may arrange to transfer her to another employer.  The Company will pay the expenses of the SHN of Insured Person according to the percentage of sum insured specific in the table.


Total Sum Insured: Up to S$2,200

The Company will pay as per the scale of percentage tabulated below upon occurrence of the event mentioned in the coverage. Our total liability under this policy shall not exceed S$2,200


Pay Out Table

Period Section A Section B Section C
14 days Before Arrival 70% - -
Within 1 Month from the Date of Arrival 90% 80% 70%
Within 3 Months from the Date of Arrival 70% 40% 40%

Cost of airfare and SHN expenses incurred by employer (ineligible if they are refundable by the airline or SHN facility).



Sickness means any illness, disease, condition, syndrome or mental illness which is not a pre-existing condition, suffered by the insured person or which they first become aware of symptoms or are advised to seek medical attention or tests, or a reasonable person in the circumstances would have become aware of or would have sought medical attention or tests which result in an inpatient treatment during the period of insurance.

Bodily Injury means damage or harm caused to the body by an external force suffered, caused only by an Accident and not by disease or gradual deterioration of physical or mental health which result in the insured person unable to perform her duty pertaining to her occupation as certified by a medical practitioner

Accident or Accidental means a sudden, unforeseen and unexpected incident.



a. The Stay Home Notice (SHN) cover must be purchased together with the Domestic Maid Insurance Package and cannot be sold on a standalone basis.

b. Claim will be ineligible if they are refundable by the airline, SHN facility or authority

c. Repatriation cost for air fare limit to $200.00

d. For claim under Section C, redeployment maid’s insurance policy has to be purchased through insureAsia

e. There shall be no claim payout after 3 months from the Insured Person’s arrival to Singapore



a. Pre-existing sicknesses/illnesses or injuries of the Insured Person

b. Self-inflicted injuries, suicide, attempted suicide and criminal acts of the Insured Person

c. Routine medical examinations or check-ups

d. Mandatory swab test



There will be no refund of premium upon cancellation of the certificate


Claims Procedure

Claim will be based on arrival date and work permit cancellation date, reimbursement of claim will only be process after policy is successfully discharged by MOM.

The Employer have to provide the Company with the following documents (where relevant) and must give notice in writing within 14 days from the date of the incident/event, which give rise to a claim


Proof of Claim

1.  Forfeiture Letter from Authority

2.  Air Ticket

3.  Work Permit Cancellation & Discharge Letter

4.  Death Certificate

5.  Medical Report from Hospital

6.  Receipt for SHN Booking

7.  IPA Cancellation for Trip Cancellation

8.  Passport Copy with Entry Stamp

9.  Proof of re-deployment for Section C

10. Special Pass

11. Others





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